Heliport is the ground or high area dedicated to helicopter landing, take-off or ground movement, which complies with the applying regulations.

For a good heliport operation, we need to plan its building from the very beginning of any project outline.

Its location is fundamental for a safe and efficient operation.

Our engineers are participating from the very beginning of infrastructure global project, when plans are drawn and space is organised, whether it is a hospital, an urban area or any other infrastructure, evaluating all the necessary aeronauthical parameters: winds, air rights, areas free of obstacles, etc.

After the initial evaluation, if positive, we advise on the most appropriate type of heliport: ground, high on the ground or high on a flat roof, offering to the client different building solutions.

Finally, we draw all the documents needed to guarantee a proper infrastructure building and to be endorsed by the different public institutions.

The Authorised Management and the Health and Security Coordination is conducted by highly qualified and experienced Aeronauthical Engineers.