• Heliports

    Our engineers are participating from the very beginning of infrastructure global project, when plans are drawn and space is organised, whether it is a hospital, an urban area or any other infrastructure, evaluating all the necessary aeronauthical parameters: winds, air rights, areas free of obstacles, etc.

  • Aerodromes

    Aerodrome construction requires a serie of previous studies regarding the location as well as the necessary installations depending on the specific needs of the operation. Our engineers are analysing all aerodrome specific needs and advise on the location, dimensions and infrastructure needed for the operation foreseen by the client.

Consulting and technical aviation infrastructure and aircraft.
Architects consultants. Building and planning.

About us

Our company decided to fulfil the lack of know-how and service on Heliports Engineering and Aeronauthical Consulting sector. Thus, we took initiative in developing Heliport projects, since the sector is very important for short and fast journeys in big cities.


Our services include, among other fields: residential architecture, airfields, heliports, R & D, Warehouses, hangars, urban planning, housing, rehabilitation, etc..


Among our clients are : Helicópteros del Sureste, S.A.,Helicópteros S.A.,Heli-Europa, S.A.,Jetnova de Aviación Ejecutiva, S.A.,Airmed - Compañía Aérea Valenciana, S.A.Epes - Empresa Pública de emergencias sanitarias, etc.

Our company is a pioneer in the development of heliports, of great importance in short, quick movements, as well as to fill the large gap in terms of the Consulting Engineering and Aeronautics in general.

Pablo Senchermés - Manager aeronautic division

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